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Stubbie Greenough Concave Chine Hull


STUBBIE Greenough Concave Chine Hull

STUBBIE Greenough Concave Chine Hull.

STUBBIE rejuvenated. The MC and Greenough STUBBIE from the sixties is a new retro model in our extensive range of surfboards.

It is a Concave Triplane Hull with many different fin options.

Michael Cundith is wrapped at how good this board is going in all conditions.

This board is a piece of surf history which surfs great and is a work of art and a collector's item.


Original Retro STUBBIE 2011.

George Made the first STUBBIE in 1962 out of Balsa Wood.

Stubbie can be made in any sizes.

Gene rides 5'8" and some customers have 8'0" footers.


STUBBIE can be made in any sizes and colours.

Fin system can be made to custom order - Box Single fin only and other set ups.

Price includes Single Box Stubbie Fin - see attached photo.

Pictured surfboard fin system can be set as Box Single Fin, MC Keel Fins, Thruster, Quad ,Tri/Quad and many more.

Price starts from $1200.00 depending on sizes and colours and Fin System.

We take custom order over telephone due to freight cost.

Stubbie Knee board and Belly Stubbie are available.


We also have stocks as well please check our   Shopping page.



Michael Cundith's Stubbie Revealed on Vimeo.


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