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Dart /King/Groper/Whale Fish

King Fish 7.4ft Red And White Pigment

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from $1100.00

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This is custom order only product.

7'4", 23 1/2" and 3 3/8".

Red pigment deck and white pigment bottom/rail.


6x6,6oz fibreglass job. Triple glassed rails, reinforced tail and fin area pad.

Price includes MC Original Keel fins.

If you prefer Quad fin set up and  Try/Quad as well as Keel Twin fins - we can add additional plugs for you.

Installing Extra plugs for Quad fins is extra $40.

Installing Extra plugs for Tri/Quad is extra $60.

Fins are extra from $40.


About Dart/King/Groper/Whale Fish.

Single to Double concave with slight vee.

Deep Swallow Tail, straighter rocker and outline. Foiled deck to rails.

Great traditional feel with modern concepts.

Dart Fish has added to give it more freedom.

Easy to paddle and catch waves.

Truly a great board to add to the quiver.
Dart Fish comes with MC Original Keel Twin Fins.



About MC original special KEEL TWIN FINS.

These Keel Fins are specially made for Dart/King/Groper/Whale Fish.

Tabs are moved forward to allow the fins to bend and flex properly for the best performance.

Price is including MC original Keel Fins.



When you purchase a surfboard you get 20% off any accesories.
Can be shipped to anywhere in the world. Price dose not include shipping cost.

Please refer "freight" page for domestic freight and freight to Japan.
We can give you the quate for cost of shipping, please state your name of town, post code and Country.

When you buy a board - you get 20% off any accesories.
Surfboard can be sent to anywhere in the world. Price is not including shipping cost.
Please ask us about cost of shipping.

We take surfboard order over telephone and email due to shipping cost.

Please send us email by clicking Enquire about this product below.

We will contact you ASAP.

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