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The Malibu although to the average Joe's eye hasn't evolved, but the High Performance Malibu is full of innovations in performance over 50 years of shaping and personally testing them. ... read more... read more

MC "This is my favourite all round longboard. It turns incredibly and nose riding this Mal is a long boarder's dream. Its a Great contest performer and has traveled under the arms of surfers world wide.

The double concave tail vee is designed to give its rider optimum speed, confidence in the pocket and the ability to draw out huge rail turns. Moving up to the middle section is a trim spot, complimenting a concave under the nose improving nose riding handling.

The design of this shape can also handle much bigger waves.

The High Performance Model's versatility makes this a favourite all round board for any long boarder out there. Big waves, small waves, turning, nose riding, trimming, single fin, three fin, beginner or professional this board has it all.

The HP Classic is the same shape as the High Performance Longboard but wider and longer and also has a wider tail. Available in all sizes. Table below is some size suggestion, boards can be ordered any sizes. 

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