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Speed Fish

The Speed Fish is a unique combination of the Twin Fin, the 7-T(seventy) Single Fin board with the benefits of modern design under the hood.
Combine these together and we have a nice easy paddler with good trim, plenty of speed and easy turns. A very user friendly design that can rifle down the line but is manoeuvrable. ... read more... read more

The speed fish features:
- Single to double concave and a slight vee or single concave
- Front foot trim spot
- Low soft rails
- Swallow tail/very small shallow swallow tail or any selection
- Retro inspired outline, wide point forward
- Classic style deck curveSome have very small shallow swallow Tail.
- Comes as
> FCS tri/Twin
>Glass on fins
>Twin Fins
> MC Twin Keel fins
> Box setup

Available in all sizes. The Big Boy Speed FIsh can reach to 8', 23 1/2" width 3 1/2" thickness.

Table below are some size suggestions. Boards can be ordered any sizes. We also have stocks as well. please see more at - (insert link)

  • Code Speed Fish 6 Footer

    Speed Fish 6 Footer
    Speed Fish 6 Footer
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