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"The modern short board owes a lot to shapes like the Stubbie. It was a shining evolution in the golden age of surfing." -M.C. 2011.

The Stubbie with a Greenough Concave and Chine Hull is a collector's item. A timeless relic from the past. A piece of art. A piece of surfing history in your hands.

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The MC and Greenough Stubbie is a retro short board created in 1962 in a small, dusty shed in Southern California. Born out of the curls of wood shavings and a cloud of sawdust originally as a balsa wood kneeboard by George, it was like nothing anybody had ever seen before. A young MC saw its potential and hopped right on it as a standup, making it one of the world's first short boards. Fast forward to the modern age, Michael; a shaper with an organic, synergic, fluid and original approach to his passion can share a snapshot of the past with you half a century later.

The Stubbie features:
- Concave Tri-plane hull
- Original retro outline
- Mid/low soft rails
- Slight vee gradually increasing attack as you further down the tail
- Or concaved bottom
- Performs superb in all fin setups; single, MC Keel twin fin, thruster, Quad, tri/Quad and virtually any setup the rider wishes to experiment with.

The Chine Hull was on par with the most advanced hull systems on boats of the time. The Chine Hull is designed to cultivate mass energy at the front half of the bottom of the board channeling the power to a slight V and con caved bottom half. It pushed the boundaries of design and progressed surfing into what it is today, giving boards the ability to harvest and make use of much more speed and drive than what was possible. Expect the Stubbie to gift you effortless speed, trim and acceleration.

The Stubbie is also available as a Knee Board and a NEW Belly Stubbie.
The Stubbie is available in a variety of colours, with a unique design using tint and pigment.

Although the Stubbie is a collector's item, it is customisable to suit any surfer covering ability and size. Gene Cundith rides a 5'8" whilst other customers have 7 footers.

Fin system can be made to custom order - Box Single fin comes standard and customers can build upon that.

Prices start $795
(custom orders taken over phone and can freight anywhere)

  • Code STUBBIE Greenough Concave Chine Hull

    Stubbie Greenough Concave Chine Hull
    STUBBIE Greenough Concave Chine Hull
  • Code Belly Stubbie 4FT to 6FT

    Belly Stubbie 4ft To 6ft
    Belly Stubbie 4FT to 6FT
  • Code Stubbie Knee board - Made to order

    Stubbie Knee Board - Made To Order
    Stubbie Knee board - Made to order
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