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Modern Retro/seventy

MC: "The 7-T is a design that embodies my philosophy of when someone is recreating any past technology, make it feel like the past added with the tweaks of modern performance." ... read more... read more

Old look, modern infused performance, the 7-T is a retro single fin with an up to date bottom curve allowing for better trim and critical turns. It has great speed generation and can hold much more than the old boards did. Example dimensions 6' 5 1/2", 19 7/8" and 2 7/8". The outline enters into a classic 70s style widish nose, tapering to a straighter curve working to a pulled in tail. The tail end receives more modern attention for more pivot and power on entry.

The 7-T Features:

- Slight single to double concave, vee bottom gradient starting at front foot
- Or concave bottom
- Flat trim rocker with a bit of tail curve for added modern manoeuvrability
- Available as a single, tri or thruster
- Comes in all sizes


Fin Set Up
Can be set up as following fin arrangement
- Box centre fin and FCS side fins. (Set Up as Centre fin Box and FCS side Plugs)
- Thruster or Tri Fins. (Set Up as Box Centre fin and FCS side fins or FCS plugs (6 Plugs).)
- Tri Quad fins. (FCS 10 plugs or  Centre fin Box and FCS side 8 plugs)
- Twin Fins. (FCS Side Plugs)

If you like to set up the all of the above fin arrangements- the surfboard needs to be set up with a Centre fin box and 8 x FCS side plugs). Plus can use a Longboard Box adopter.
Tail Shape
- Egg Tail
- Diamond Tail
- Square
- swallow

  • Code STUBBIE Greenough Concave Chine Hull

    Stubbie Greenough Concave Chine Hull
    STUBBIE Greenough Concave Chine Hull
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    Speed Fish 6 Footer
    Speed Fish 6 Footer
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