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Fins- MC Original Fins

Mc Signature Thruster Fins - Metallic Fibre Inlay Solid Glass

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The MC signature thruster fin is a ultra performance template designed for shortboards. It differs slightly to the traditional fin template seen in most FCS fins.

Danny Wills: "The MC signature fin is the answer to anyone's fin needs. Just like surfboards, a huge success factor is reliant on the fins. It is a fact that every surfer no matter beginner or professional has struggled with obtaining the right fin setup. Some underestimate how much a good pair of fins improves the boards performance. Personally, after countless different fin templates and designs, the MC thruster performance fins are the best I have ever used, the final step in having the perfect setup.

The MC signature Thruster Fin features:

 - More upright outline

 - Less rake in the tip, allowing more control and drive

 - Increased balance between drive and performance

 - Constructed with CARV'N SERIES METALLIC (Solid Glass Fin with Metallic fibre Inlay)

Available in sizes: 03 and 05.

Available in colours: Black Metallic.

Fits in any FCS fin box.

Comes in a Retail fin bag with fin key.

Fin Specs: 03
Base              110mm 
Depth            113mm

Fin Specs: 05
Base              110mm 
Depth            120mm

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