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Sun Zapper-car Sun Visor 75% Off

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This unique sun visor will mean no more glare in your eyes no matter what the sun's position. It simply clips over your car's sun visor and allows you clear vision without glare.

Î Removes glare from blinding sunlight without imparing vision.
Î Eliminates hazardous reflections from other cars and objects.
Î Eliminates dangerous glare from snow and wet road conditions.
Î Designed for your safety: lightweight, smooth edged and shatterproof.
Î Universal fit for all vehicles.
Î Patented 'Sun Terminator' eliminates stronger glare.
Î Installs in seconds - removable for easy cleaning.
Î Patented Worldwide.

To install, simply clip the Sun Zapper onto driver's or passenger's sun visor, ensuring that you look through the Sun Zapper when in a normal driving position. Slide the Sun Terminator to a position where the glare is strongest (in line of vision with the sun or severe reflection). The Sun Terminator slides fully left or right when not required. When not in use, the 2 way clips allow Sun Zapper to clip up behind sun visor, out of the way

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