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The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun - Dvd

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This film is void of any narration, however the movie alone tells the real story.
Upon first inspection this film is a stoker -
great waves, good friends, nice style, groundbreaking water photography and a killer soundtrack.
A group of surfers hanging around Lennox Head in 1968 and surfing what many still say were
the best banks they have ever seen. But the more you watch this film,
the more the evidence and the films documentation of the shortboard evolution becomes apparent.
The film starts with longboards and ends with shortboards.
The transition period is captured right here, in a fun and light portrayal of the golden era of surfing since gone, but glimpsed here in George Greenough's The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun.

In the winter 1968 Greenough had just finished his work commitments with The Fantastic Plastic Machine.
Sharing a house at Wategoes beach with Bob McTavish, Chris Brock, Gary Keys they surfed that whole season and tried to get their boards to go where their collective mind was headed.
In the spring of 1968 Greenough went back to California to edit footage and tend to his lobster fishing business, while the remaining surfers relocated south.

1969 and they all met up again, this time south of Lennox Head at Angourie,
where we see the second half of the film unfold with perfect waves, shorter boards and a more vertical element to their surfing.

Ted Spencer flying, trimming and turning from one point on the surfboard. This was and still is futuristic surfing, captured here in the winter of 1969.

George Greenough inspired a whole generation of surfers with his innovative design ideas, understanding of Hyrdodynamics and construction.
Most of the surfers in this film are still friends and today are continuing to pusue many of the surfboard design ideas that Greenough implanted back in the 1960's.

George Greenough chronicles ground-zero of the shortboard evolution, as it evolved in 1968.
This highly personalised film is the prime intigators perspective of the innovations that changed surfing for evermore.

Track the inside out with George in groundbreaking 'point of view' sequences that are utterly unique.

Hear the distinctive improvisational soundtrack, scored on the spot by Dennis Dragon and Danny Aaberg with their
cult band The Farm. Grinding organ tones, thumping bass with a collaboration of musicians
with surf music and blues roots.


Financed entirely with the proceeds generated by Greenough's fishing business,
this document is entirely free of any commercial restraints or advertising sludge. Gritty, witty, unexpurgated,
unadorned and essential; this is the first film from the tubes perspective (Greenough Vision) It is the Innermost Limits of Pure Fun.

C.R Stecyk
"A landmark inside-out perspective of surfing that's yet to be replicated-pure genius." Steve Pezman, Surfers Journal Publisher

"The "coming of the Dawn' take is simply the most visceral and mesmerizing stretch of the film in surf movie history." Scott Hulet, Surfers Journal Editor

"So much has always been made of the incredible photography that we've forgotten the action, which is incredible. The genius of the modern carve, tube and roundhouse surfing." Sam George surfer/author/historian

"mesmerizing." Tom Curren
Chris Brock
Ted Spencer
Robert Conneely
Danny Hazard
Russell Hughes
George Greenough
Gary Keys
Terry Keys
Bob McTavish
Dickie Nelson
David Treloar
Greg Weaver

Sound: Dennis Dragon
Music Co-ordinator: Denny Aaberg
Band: The Farm
Original artwork by Patty

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